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08/09/2018 19:552018: a year of dangerous liaisons with Russia    ( )
Frances Welch has long been explaining the Russians to the Brits. ... moment, up pops Kropotkin, and then you're suddenly on the quayside at Leith.
05/03/2018 05:20A shared search for history    ( Millennium Post )
Andreev first arrived in India in 1905 and his interest in the East, especially in India having been further kindled by that encounter, went on to make a significant contribution to the study of Indian ethnography in Russia. One cannot forget the influence of Prince Peter Kropotkin on the early Indian ...
04/25/2018 21:25IN MY VIEW: Governing by chaos or by Constitution?    ( Green Valley News )
In the movement toward communism, Russian nihilists like Kropotkin or Trotsky called for chaos so that the people would then crave an order, a leader, a party who could tell them what their enlightened interests were. At the crucial time, Lenin returned through Finland Station, co-opted the Bolshevik ...
04/13/2018 05:30Growers' Russia tour still on table    ( The West Australian )
A Deere & Co. combine harvester loads an OAO Kamaz truck with wheat grain during harvesting in a field near Kropotkin in Krasnodar, Russia. ... Australian travellers have been warned to brace for anti-Western sentiment in Russia as the fallout over the poisoning in the UK of a former spy continues.
03/28/2018 12:00'Spycop' scandal hits new low with claim that officer exploited elderly activist as part of cover    ( The Canary )
In 1985, during a taped interview by Anarchist Black Cross comrades Leo Rosser and Phil Ruff, Feldman talked about her time in Russia, her role in helping to organise the funeral of anarchist Piotr Kropotkin, of Emma Goldman, of the Spanish Revolution, and of Rudolf Rocker's internment during World ...
11/04/2017 04:15Pyotr Ryabov: “Prison is the ideal model for the state”    ( Open Democracy )
Russian anarchist writer Pyotr Ryabov was recently imprisoned and .... You are a populariser of the anarchist ideas of Pyotr Kropotkin, Nestor Makhno ...
10/26/2017 12:00Russian Revolution at 100: Expert Highlights Overlooked Underground History    ( HuffPost )
N.K: What is the historical and political significance of the Russian ... It's a similar situation with 19th century anarchist figure Peter Kropotkin: the name ...
09/11/2017 16:05Why George Bernard Shaw Had a Crush on Stalin    ( New York Times )
When Kropotkin's daughter told him that “the Russians would give the world back its lost soul,” Shaw did not scoff. Rather, as he wrote to Gorky, “I quite ...
04/21/2017 02:10Russian marine major killed in combat in Syria — agencies    ( Arab News )
Russian marine major killed in combat in Syria — agencies ... to an official document, at a cemetery in the town of Kropotkin, Russia, on April 13, 2017.
11/15/2016 19:10Russia interested in entering Middle Eastern food and beverage sector    ( Realnoe vremya )
The country was represented by four food manufacturing machinery heavyweights: Dito Group, Kropotkin Plant MiSSP, Shokolend Co. and Unity Food ...
11/01/2016 21:10Heavyweight Russian Quartet Powers Into Gulfood Manufacturing    ( Aviamost )
A quartet of Russian food manufacturing machinery heavyweights will debut ... The four: Dito Group; Kropotkin Plant; Shokolend Co. and Unity Food ...
10/23/2016 13:00Morality: The Lust For Pleasure -The Case of Peter Kropotkin    ( )
[1] Russian literature of the mentioned period is replete with Nietzschean ... Kropotkin was adamant in his belief that ethics ought to be a concrete ...
10/17/2016 17:15Propaganda By Deed And The Glory Of Self-Sacrifice: The Case of Peter Kropotkin    ( )
[6] Kropotkin believed that regardless of how long the period of political ... If the masses in Russia remain calm, if the peasants do not rebel against the ...
10/08/2016 18:40Anarchist Communism: The Most Moral Organization Of Society?    ( )
Prince Peter A. Kropotkin (1842-1921), second only to Mikhail A. Bakunin among the Russian anarchist philosophers in terms of popularity and ...
01/15/2016 18:11Vodka-soaked nights and notable exiles in Brighton    ( Brighton & Hove Independent )
But hold on: when Rachmaninov left Russia in 1917, aged 44, he had already ... The Russian philosopher Prince Peter Kropotkin, exiled for his ...
07/17/2015 16:35Could surging Siberian nationalism break up Russia? - Quartz    ( Quartz )
Nineteenth century Russian anarchist Peter Kropotkin noted that “Siberians had a strong feeling of superiority over Russian peasants,” who accepted ...
07/03/2015 18:10'Anarchism could help to save the world'    ( The Guardian )
Comparisons between Kropotkin and Brand may seem strained. Kropotkin's background as the scion of one of the grandest and most ancient Russian ...

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